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High-Stakes City Agenda Items for North Beach, June 8

Reassuring news that should come as no surprise: our collective voices are being heard—and making a difference. We have learned over the past few months how the Commission, Mayor and City take what residents say seriously. You matter.

Please take the time to attend, email, and/or call the Mayor and Commission regarding the items coming up at this week’s Commission meeting—Wednesday, June 8th starting at 8:30AM at City Hall. Click here to access agenda.

Two items—the demolition moratorium ordinance affecting  the historic districts of North Beach and the 2nd public reading of the Ocean Terrace ordinance—have specified discussion times, which makes speaking in support much easier.

A vocal presence sends the most powerful message. But if you can’t come, write and call!

Here’s a rundown of the items important to North Beachers. (In a hurry? Note our suggested request in blue text included with each item.)

Support the temporary Demolition Moratorium for North Beach

ITEM R5G @ 10:30AM, co-sponsored by Commissioners Ricky Arriola and Joy Malakoff, proposes a temporary moratorium on demolitions of contributing historic structures within the North Shore National Register and the Normandy Isles National Register Districts until the in-progress Master Plan by Dover, Kohl and Partners is completed and implemented by the Commission.

We’re seeing strong resistance for this item from members of North Beach Now, including the Chair of the Master Plan Steering Committee. Their position is incomprehensible: Why would they not want to protect the integrity of the Master Plan as well as these local resources?

Whatever their motives, such maneuvers seem to confirm the importance of this protection. Although those who oppose a moratorium state it will slow down development in North Beach, this ordinance will last only 180 days and simply ensure future development is framed by the Master Plan that residents have invested $400,000 to create. Tell the Commissioners and Mayor you value North Beach’s historic buildings and support the demolition moratorium.

Request Revisions that Tighten the Ocean Terrace Ordinance to Prevent a *Third* Tower on 73rd-74th Block

The language of the current ordinance (ITEM R5H @ 5:01PM) would permit yet another tower on the south end of Ocean Terrace. This could be easily prevented by adjusting the aggregation requirements on Ocean Terrace. Whatever your feelings about the current OT plan, it’s important to consider the broader context. Please encourage city officials to call for a revision of the ordinance to include language that limits aggregation on 73rd and 74th blocks to prevent an additional tower.

Request Ocean Terrace Covenant to Secure Project Details

Also worthy of mention within ITEM R5H @ 5:01PM: Many of the most popular elements in the presented plans for Ocean Terrace—street-level activation with cafes and hospitality outlets, retention of hotel use, and preservation of MiMo facades—are not fully addressed within the ordinance.

The developer, as well as city officials, have repeatedly expressed a willingness to include these elements in a binding covenant that would be attached to the deed of the properties so that any future owners are legally obligated to uphold. Please encourage city officials to remain firm on these requests and require covenants that solidify our interest in the activation of shops and restaurants on Ocean Terrace; retention of MiMo facades; and ongoing operation of the Broadmoor/Days Inn and Alcan/Ocean Surf hotels.

Support Residents’ Rights to Know City Charter Amendment

ITEM R9P, put forward by Miami Beach United, is designed to ensure greater transparency on matters that potentially affect residents’ quality of life. Given the rapid pace (and risks) of development and zoning changes in our neighborhoods, this item is an important opportunity to ensure fair, clear, and inclusive procedures for decision-making. (See attached document for details.) Please encourage the Commission to seriously consider this item for the Miami Beach Ballot this November.  Also email any suggestions and feedback to Mark Needle at

Support Skate Park Proposal and Discuss Location Considerations

ITEM R9L is an exciting proposal to bring a long-awaited skate/pump park to North Beach. During a recent meeting, the emphasis seemed to be on building in North Shore Open Space Park, due, in part, to the lengthy timeframe to building it in the West Lots given funding has already been secured. We’ve heard widespread support for this park, as well as certain key questions:

  • Wouldn’t the West Lots be the best location for this active community space? This seemed to be the consensus during the Master Plan Charrette, as shown in the work-in-progress draft presented by Dover, Kohl. One concern seems to be the timeline, but like NSOSP, the City controls and should be able to manage this land efficiently.  If this portion of the West Lots could be developed quickly, would that change the location conversation?
  • If it goes into NSOSP, how will the City evaluate and minimize environmental impact? Good design will be essential for effective stewardship of this rare, treasured green space.

Ask the Commission and Mayor to consider input from the Charrettes and MP, as well as the community meeting last week to present realistic location options and timelines for our valued pump park.

Your emails and calls truly do make a difference—and your vocal presence at meetings is even more valuable. However you can, please be sure to make your wishes known to your city officials.

Many thanks, as always, for your commitment and care for North Beach!

The Commissioners and Mayor can be reached as follows:

  • Mayor Philip Levine: Ph: 305.673.7035
  • Commissioner Micky Steinberg: Ph: 305.673.7103
  • Commissioner Michael Grieco: Ph: 305.673.7104
  • Commissioner Joy Malakoff: Ph: 305.673.7106
  • Commissioner Kristen Rosen Gonzalez: Ph: 305.673.7030 Ext 6854
  • Commissioner Ricky Arriola: Ph: 305.673.7030 Ext 6274
  • Commissioner John Aleman: Ph: 305.673.7102

Here is a handy email list to copy and paste:,,,,,,

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